Sunday, March 4, 2007

Click click click click...

is the sound that my digital camera began making tonight. It gives me a zoom error message. This has happened before but John has always been able to fix it. He took it all apart. Boards and wires all hanging out. It was put back together and came on but it still click click click. The lens is stuck and cannot zoom in or out. It was tossed in the garbage just a few minutes ago, with the declaration "the camera is *!@#!#" Are they made to only last a few years? In June we will have had the camera for 3 years. I guess I will be going shopping sometime this week.
Until next time...


  1. dang cameras...mine doesn't have a flash so it's always dark pictures on my end. One day I'll get a nice camera with a flash. I took a lot of pictures with mom's camera while she was here but I don't have a cable that fits her camera so I'm going to have to wait until she gets home so she can email them to me.

  2. I've got camera issues myself. My kids keep taking mine and I'm stuck with only my cellphone camera which I can't seem to find the settings to. Hope you get a real nice camera!


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