Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Something to think about.

After talking with my NH friend and reading a blog or two, I have been thinking all day about the entrepreneur. Whether it is someone that comes up with a great idea that benefits lots of people and makes them millions, or the mom with several kids she wants to be home with, and tries to turn her "hobby" into a business. The Internet has opened more doors for this than we can ever go through. Should they both be given the same consideration? Do corporate giants really see the small business as insignificant? I can't imagine the number of small mom and pop businesses that have made it big, become extremely successful. In my own little corner of the United States there are two perfect examples. Papa John's Pizza. It started with one guy named John and an oven. It is now one of the most popular pizza places in the state of Kentucky. Lets not forget the name of UofL's football stadium. Did you guess it? Papa John's Cardinal Stadium. What about Kentucky Fried Chicken? Do people think it has always been KFC, with a Taco Bell on one side? Col. Sanders had a small town diner that served great fried chicken.
You may wonder where this is all going. Big business does not know which of these home grown ideas is going to end up being real competition. They should tread lightly and watch who they s**t on. Crafty moms are a tight bunch. We talk. We spend money. We tell each other where to spend money. We do not take kindly to hearing about bullying or belittlement of the skill or knowledge they posses. So before you go to the big name place, check out what we have to offer each other. I can guarantee it was made with the creators heart and soul. And was not carded, spun, dyed, sewn, painted, knitted, crocheted, thrown, molded, stamped, cut, blown, packaged or shipped by young children for pennies a day.


  1. Yeah! You said it! :) btw, another two are Apple computer and Hewlett-Packard, both founded in garages.

  2. Thanks. Forgot those two. They are biggies. Was getting a little worked up and could not think of more.

  3. YOU SAID IT MOMMA!!!! I was just thinking the sme thing the other day, while dreaming of my spinning wheel, of course.

  4. GREAT post... you have to come visit NH so you can come hang out with us! :)

  5. I love this post - you are so right on! Out here in prairieland, Russell Stover Candies, H&R Bloch, and Applebee's are just 3 of the many local family businesses that have gone on to bigger fame and fortune. Kids can actually go trick-or-treating at the Russell Stover headquarters and get all kinds of fancy Halloween candy!


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