Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ok, I lied...

I said I would get back to some knitting stuff soon and yet still nothing. It's not that I have not been knitting, just working on a secret project for my March color swap partner. Can't post a picture before she sees it. It took a little bit more time than I anticipated, so it may be into April before she gets it. Eli told me the other day that I needed more yarn. I did not have enough. I was so happy, thought how cool is that, then I looked in the rear view mirror. I saw the mischievous grin and realized that he has fully grasped the concept of sarcasm, and was trying some out on me. I felt kinda silly then, because I said, "you're right, I do need more yarn, I love yarn". Then I got defensive and told them I did not have too much yarn and that I knew of lots of knitters that had way more yarn than me. I told them about Judy, she has a yarn room with closets and Kate who has a walk in closet full of yarn and a craft room with yarn and fabric. I hope to be like them someday


  1. You need more yarn. Really. :)

  2. Sonya, if we're talking about BIG stashes (ones that could pass for the average yarn store), you'll have to visit us here in NH and meet our wonderful.....Donna. We lovingly call her "The Koigu Bitch". Well, maybe not EVERYONE.....

    Can you believe that she wouldn't let me roll around in her stash naked???? The nerve of some people! LOL!


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