Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A lesson part 2

Alex acted kinda strange this morning. Movin slow, messing around kept saying he needed the day off, did not want to go to school. I asked him if he was worried about having a problem with the boy in his class. He got real defensive and said if he bothers me I will beat the crap outa him. I reminded him that that is not the way to handle a problem and that he was not to say anything like that at school.
So I called his teacher before school started and explained what happened and to please be on the look out for any problems. She thanked me for calling and would pay close attention and said that boy was not someone she would want Alex to play with. That just cinched it for me. So hopefully the drama will fade away.
Until next time...


  1. I hope Alex has an ok day. I know it's so hard for kids sometimes.

  2. How did his day end up going? Is everything okay?

  3. According to him it was fine. I could always call his teacher and find out the whole story.


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