Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Some Christmas in March

Our house is very festive at Christmas time. John works very hard getting it all set up. He says that he does it for the kids but I know he does it for me too. We have decorated the house for the past several years. Adding just a touch here and there each year. I shop after Christmas for something new for next time. This picture is from Christmas 2006. It was one of the houses featured in December's Courier Journal. So now he knows that not only do we love the lights, so does everyone else.
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  1. I remember seeing the picture online on Courier Journals page. How fun to be a featured decorated house in the paper!! John is such a good hubby!!!! :) He did a great job Decorating.

  2. I love Christmas lights any time of year! Also, you're not the only one out here in blogland who gets wigged out by the dentist! It took me 5 years to get to a dentist to have my teeth cleaned. He told me I was probably going to need a root canal. 1 1/2 years later, I still get icked out just thinking about it. One of the new therapists in my group specializes in dental phobia. She said she'd work with me and gave me the name of a dentist who works with dental phobics. I may just get around to making an appointment in a couple of years...

  3. Ask her about having dreams where your teeth fall out or are all loose. I have had those types of dreams my whole life. I wake up in a sweat and run to the mirror and check all my teeth.

  4. Cool pic! I love Christmas lights, too!


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