Monday, March 12, 2007

Ribbit ribbit ribbit

went the green mitts. I am just not happy at all with the way they were turning out. The stripes weren't meshing with the 1x1 ribbing. I don't think that yarn wanted to be mitts anyway. I want the first thing I make for myself to really speak to me. And these mitts were not talking. So now I am back on the look out for that one thing that is supposed to be mine. John hates to see me rip out something I have spent my time working on. Maybe this means that I need to try socks, or go back to the lace scarf I have been thinking about. No, I think it means that I need to finish the IHS. At this rate he won't even need it until the fall. So know I have to come up with something to take with me to knitting tomorrow night. Oh well,
this is not the first thing I have frogged and I know it will not be the last.
Until next time...


  1. Aw, that stinks. It is always a drag having to go to the frog pond. But, if it means creating an item that you will wear, then frogging is best. Let us (your dear readers) know what you will make instead!

  2. If it's not talking to ya LET IT GO! I ripped out a pair, yes a PAIR of Jaywalkers once....just wasn't feelin' 'em!!
    I hope mom comes tonight and meets up with you all....maybe her book will inspire your knitting muse!

  3. oh noooooooooo! I guess you will just have to start a pair of socks with me, lol!!

  4. I think knowing when its just not right is a sign of wisdom. You are obviously a very smart lady!

  5. Sometimes it's for the best to just rip it out. Love your haircut too!

  6. Both were past the thumbs. I should have realized how things were going when the stripes did not match. Shoulda frogged before trying countless times to pick up my cast-on stitches properly. After the number was right, there was this damn ridge all the way around on the inside so it made a small pucker, but I could see it.
    Live and learn.


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