Saturday, March 3, 2007

Daddy got a new toy....

Have you ever wanted something your whole life? And was never able to get it. Maybe you were too young, not enough money or your mom and dad said no. Well when John turned 40 a couple years ago he realized a life long dream. He became a
Biker! The bike on the right was his birthday present to himself. I called it his starter bike. A couple years have gone by and he likes the bike but it is not quite big enough or fast enough. He got left behind on a poker run with his work buddies. Many of them have Harley's. So last year he started looking for a bigger, better, badder bike.
He found one he loved, but is was not in the right price range. He and a buddy went to see it. John worked on it, they went and got a new battery. He got it running and the owner still would not negotiate. So he pretty much got it running so some other guy can come buy it. Fast forward a year later (which is now) and the bike was still for sale. John and his buddy went to see the bike again and the owner was finally ready to talk. The new bike came home with him on Thursday. You can see by the big smile how happy he is. You know, men are just little boys. They can be easily amused and distracted. I hope this bike keeps his attention for more than two years.
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  1. Crazy blogger, just deleted my entire post! John does look so pleased with his bike. Hopefully he won't be like pete and constantly want to tweak it. Pete is never done tweaking his car and always looking for the next one. Myself, I want the entire yarn shop. I don't think thats too much to ask really.

  2. OMG!! John looks too happy!!


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