Friday, March 9, 2007

and a few more

I bought some Blue Acorn rug yarn from the Corydon Fiber Festival back in the fall.
I was playing with it knitting and felting different shapes. I am going to put a zipper in the long one and the yellow and orange one is a perfect fit for my new digital camera. I just need to put a snap or something and maybe some type of handle or strap. The little coin purse is my favorite. I will knit that one again and tweak it a little. The rug yarn felts wonderful but is murder on the hands. I have some things for tomorrow so...
Until next time.


  1. These are cute! And the IHS is scrumptious!!! I'll bet your dad will love it so much, he'll wear it even if it's hot outside! I finally posted tonight and will post about the pups tomorrow.

  2. That coin purse is cute! I like the shape!


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