Thursday, March 29, 2007

There's a party at the Keim house tonight!!

The planets must be aligned, and all must be right with the universe.
All three, count'em one, two, three kids are at a grandparents house for a sleep over.
Olivia and Eli went to the in-laws, and Alex went to my parents house. We are going out to a restaurant with table cloths. Watch non-cartoon tv, talk to each other without being interupted.Then we might just run through the house naked.


  1. Good for you for having some time together. The last couple times we have had this luxury we're so tired that we crash and sleep for hours on end.

    Have fun of all kinds!

  2. WOOHOO!!!!! How was the night? Great I hope, I have to say momma and daddy's need that time :), but yeah, we usually crash too, lol.

  3. Hi Sonya - I saw your post on my blog, did you want to know about the GA shelter that needs it doggies out by 4/7 or were you just interested in doggies in general??

  4. Love dogs. Got ours from the KY HS. Sure tell me about what is going on.


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