Saturday, March 3, 2007

Where do you knit?

I knit at a little coffee shop in Louisville. Very interesting crowd. Sunergos is located near UofL, so a lot of college students come in. Other groups meet on different nights. Our favorite coffeetender, Eric, was moved to days. It took us a long time to "train" him to make our drinks just the way we like them. He was even showing an interest in knitting too. He did not want to learn to knit but was genuinely impressed with some of our stuff. He even brought in some hand knitted items he had been gifted. It may take us awhile to get the new guy broke in.
Until next time...


  1. OH now I'm knittyhome sick! LOL Glad you took a pic of the place :)

  2. I really enjoy seeing pictures of your town. It looks nice! Especially the fact that there is no snow and you're talking about motorcycles! Geesh! We're sitting in almost a foot of snow and lots of yucky weather!

  3. Looks like a very cool place to knit...what's your favorite drink???

  4. 20 oz Mocha. In the summer they make a great mocha shake. Uncle Pleasent's is right next door and some Tuesday evenings we talk about taking our coffee next door and getting a shot of Bailey's or Kaluha.


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