Saturday, March 3, 2007

Fort Keim had a little bit of snow...

I walked out the back door this morning and saw the biggest snowflakes coming down. They were beautiful. I will have to admit that I caught a few on my tongue. Nobody saw, just the dog and it looked like he was trying to do the same. We don't get much snow around here. The snow we had yesterday was just enough to cover the grass, it taunted us, making us believe that we might be able to go outside and play. By later in the day it was all gone. Fort Keim was built two kids ago, by John and his father Ernie. I know it does not look like a fort, but that is what Alex started calling it. The fort has gotten much nicer over the years. John ran an extension cord from the garage so the fort has power. A fan keeps them cool in the summer, a radio entertains them and they read by the light bulb. In the spring and summer the kids will camp out. The fort is furnished with a few school desks a trunk with books and toys and a chalk board. When the kids are out there playing, the dog will lay on the rug on the front porch. Almost like he is holding down the fort.
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  1. that is a cute fort!! how did I not see that when I was at your house?

  2. I just don't know. You'll have to bring the boys over to play this summer.


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