Saturday, March 10, 2007

I promised you a rose gard, no wait it was a picture

Ok here it is. Looked much more stylish the other day when I came home from the salon. But I have a flat iron and I am not afraid to use it. Actually I am, I'll need my 16 yo cousin Devon to come over and show me how to use it. This hair cut takes a lot less shampoo, I'll tell John that I got my hair cut for the good of the family. I won't have to use so many hair products. Stop laughing Lora, it sounds good. It is just hair and it will grow back. You can't walk out of a salon two sizes smaller, but you can walk out with a new hairstyle. Enough about my hair.

I have some knitting to show you. My very first time working with alpaca was wonderful. It is just so soft. I want to knit everything with it. I made John a black, grey and tan color block scarf with garter ridge ends instead of fringe.
I feel like starting something new but I have to control myself. I have two things OTN and three purses that are waiting to be lined and zippers put in . One of them has been languishing for over a year. When the knitting is done I want to be done. If I ever make a sweater it will have to be in the round.
I have some neat things for later.
Until next time...


  1. Your hair is very cute! As I've told Pete, if he likes long hair he should grow it himself, feel how heavy it can be, and take the time to care for it every day. For now in my life, short hair it is. Love the knitting!

  2. I think the hair looks great!

    I would like to try working with Alpaca. Must feel so nice on the hands.

  3. I'm not laughing *snicker snicker* John just cracks me up! He's a hoot!
    Love the hair!! Beautiful!! :)

  4. That scarf is freakin gorgeous! Could you please post how you did it? I was trying to make a striped scarf with the alpaca you sent but it just wasn't working! What does the back look like? And I feel the same way about alpaca. Enough to daydream about having a small herd living in my back yard!

    And I think your new 'do looks great. My hair is about that length - anything longer takes too much time away from knitting.


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