Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Cousins: two legged and four

Monday Eli and I spent some time with Noah, my 3 year old nephew. Hutch came along too. The four cousins had a great time playing together. Aspen is a pure white Siberian Husky, he's pretty big but is only a little over 2 years old. Back in the fall when I first brought Hutch to meet Aspen, he was a small puppy. This big looming white dog walked right up to him. Hutch proceeded to crawl between the couch and my legs and gave the best growl he could. You could not help but laugh because it was so funny. Now that Hutch is older and bigger, Aspen does not roll him over any more when they play. Aspen does have a dog sister, Cory. In her day Cory was like a jack rabbit, running, jumping, almost flying. It is a little sad to see a Jack Russell Terrier get old. Cory is 13 or 14. She's had a hard time of it too. Cory has a huge dose of the small dog complex. She thinks she is a big dog and will try to prove it too. A year or so ago she was telling a big black Lab and he got annoyed. Cory ended up with a lacerated liver and some other serious injuries. She recovered but did not learn anything. Will still try to tell other dogs off. Aspen and Hutch try to make her play, but she just growls and gives them dirty looks. Yes, dogs can do that. Cory is happiest sitting with you on the couch and watching everything go by. Old age gets the best of us, even a little dynamo.


  1. precious cousins all around!! that's one thing I hate about living away...the kids don't get together with their cousins. I miss my neices and nephew!

  2. Great pics of the kids and dogs. Looks like fun!

  3. Such handsome boys - all 4 of them! You're so lucky to have such beautiful kids and family close by. Thanks for the update on Hutch and I enjoyed reading about your doggie niece and nephew.


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