Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A lesson on how to treat dogs...

Some adults should never be allowed to be around children. I cannot believe the stuff I was hearing out of a 3rd graders mouth today. This boy is in Alex's class and he kinda walked home with us. Me, Alex, Olivia and Hutch. Hutch is still a little unruly on the leash, so this boy tells me that his uncle says if you want your dog to obey you, punch them in the jaw. That' how his uncle trains his pit bulls, and he starts them out young, punches puppies in the head. He thought that was ok and had done it to his dog. I said that was pretty horrible and we would never do anything like that to Hutch. And if I saw someone doing that I would have tell them to stop hurting the dog. I told him we saw lots of abused dogs at the shelters when we were looking for Hutch. Punching a dog was abuse. He kept talking like that all the way to our house and then wanted my kids to come outside and play. I said they had homework to do and closed the door. Alex said the boy is bad in class and gets in trouble all the time. He does not like him at all. Unfortunately the other two just saw an older kid that wants to play with them. So they got a upset when I said that boy is not to play here ever. He came back later and Alex told him that I said he could not play here. What does this kid do, asks to talk to me. I told him that I did not want him around my kids because of the things he talked about, it was wrong to mistreat animals. Even after I told him he was not welcome to play here, he kept talking to me just small talk. I could tell that know adult ever talks to him. I felt bad for him, not having the proper adult attention. We are an animal loving family, especially dogs and I will not listen to someone talk that way.
I explained to my kids that if I saw a dog being treated that way I would call the police and that they would arrest whomever was abusing the dog. My friend Katie fosters puppies, dogs from shelters in her area, and it is due to people like the uncle and maybe some day like the 9yo boy.
So all of you pet owners, give them a little extra attention or a few more scratches behind the ear, for all of those mistreated pets out there.
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  1. Wow. And do I feel for you. We had a family around us like that as my kids were growing up, and it was always a struggle between teaching my kids to be compassionate towards someone who clearly needs a friend, and, not letting that person drag them down to their level of behavior. Be kind--but... Sometimes keeping your distance is necessary.


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